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Jeff & Christine at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

Wed. May 3. 2017Jeff & Christine at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful day shooting Jeff & Christines wedding day at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Hotel. It was a truly spectacular event that they shared with not only their beautiful children, but also their closest friends and family.  
It was a fabulous day for a wedding and what I loved most was the nervous energy between them. Once they were in the same room together for the first sighting, you could feel their excitement about their wedding, and their affection for each other was truly beautiful. Jeff treated Christine with such tenderness and love, they were a joy to be with all day! Jeff & Christine, thank you so much for including me on such a special day in your lives. Wishing you both all the love you can hold in your arms and in your hearts!! xoxo, Trish

Will & Yvette Are Married at The Mandarin Oriental

Thu. Oct 27. 2016Will & Yvette Are Married at The Mandarin Oriental

About a week ago, I photographed an absolutely gorgeous wedding. The wedding of Will Costello & Yvette Garcia held at one of Las Vegas most exclusive properties, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  
It goes without saying, that this event was incredible! The bride and groom are just beautiful together. Yvette was absolutely stunning in her amazing wedding gown and Will was completely classic, old school Vegas dapper! They were joined by their closest family and friends for this incredible day in their lives. The weather was perfect for photos despite high winds, and everyone was so fun and welcoming that it was just a fantastic time!  
Will & Yvette, thank you for sharing the biggest day of your lives with me. You two are just going to have such an awesome life together filled with love, travel and adventure that Im really looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope the honeymoon was incredible!! TONS MORE phtoos coming soon!! MUAH!! Trish

Super fun time opening each others' gifts!!

First sighting at the top of the Mandarin!

Will's vows were more like a super fun, lighthearted comedy!! Was just wonderful! Yvette, was all smiles and giggles!

Will & Yvette; Engaged and In Love!! Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Sat. May 28. 2016Will & Yvette; Engaged and In Love!! Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Well, last weekend in Vegas was absolutely awesome!! It was my first time meeting Will & Yvette in person for their engagement shoot at the absolutely gorgeous Green Valley Ranch Resort.  
I know the photos have that real Napa Valley feel with all of these gorgeous vineyards, but thanks to the wonderful Michael Sawyer of Green Valley Ranch, we were able to shoot at this fantastic location with this amazing vines right here in Henderson!  
We had such a great time!! I mean, it was a gorgeous evening, with an awesome couple, that really had amazing chemistry. And the vineyards of Green Valley Ranch, just added to the romance of the whole evening. And it's just so obvious that Will is absolutely mesmerized by this gorgeous girl. The giggling was non stop. They are in love, plain and simple and it was wonderful to spend an evening capturing the way they care for each other.  
Will & Yvette, I hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek. You two are pure sunshine; thank you so much for including me in your lives. I'm so excited to photograph your wedding this fall at Mandarin Oriental!! We're going to have a great time!! Much love, Trish

Jessica & Rich Married at Meet Las Vegas!

Tue. Nov 3. 2015Jessica & Rich Married at Meet Las Vegas!

Last weekend I shot an awesome wedding for the sweetest couple; Jessica & Rich. Their event was held at Meet Las Vegas, a super cool venue downtown that was just perfect! With a getting ready location of the Downtown Grand and their old hollywood glamour looks, it was just a great day!  
Since I've met them, I've grown to learn that they are two of the most considerate, loving and caring individuals on the planet. And not just in their new found friendship with me, but in how they treat each other. Jessica, in watching Rich at your wedding day, I believe his heart lies in orbit around you:) He is so completely concerned with your happiness and so in love with you, it's so genuine and wonderful to watch, I hope you both know you've got something very special. And of course, Jessica feels the same way about Rich. They're good to each other and its plain to see. And that's a great start for a marriage.  
Jessica & Rich, I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. Thank you for having me at your wedding to document your first moments as man & wife and for sharing your lives with me. Hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek and sending you both lots of love! Trish  
PS...the wedding was coordinated by a lovely person named Paulina Clute who did a wonderful job and of course it's always great to see the boys from Memory Lane Video.

Jessica is just the cutest girl you've ever seen...

Mariachis, food trucks...cupcakes...this wedding had everything!

John & Jennifer's Incredible Wedding Day!

Wed. Jun 10. 2015John & Jennifer's Incredible Wedding Day!

Last weekend I spent an awesome wedding day with an amazing couple; John & Jennifer. And I tell you what, these two have so much adventure in their blood, that it seems like marriage is the perfect lifetime adventure for them both!  
We started our day at the Aria for some cool photos around the City Center area. It's so funny how fast time flies, because before we knew it, it we were doing their first sighting and we were off to the Legends Ranch, which is an absolutely gorgeous place for a wedding. Tons of greenery mixed with horse property. Just a very cool place for a wedding.  
As I listened to their wedding ceremony, given by one of John's brothers, I was inspired to hear how they've been living their lives and spending their days. They're both traveling doctors, who visit all kinds of incredibly dangerous and incredibly mysterious places. Which I found very intriguing....I thought to amazing for these two people to find each other in life and to then fall in love. Pretty awesome as far as I can see:)  
Jennifer was a gorgeous bride, in an absolutely stunning dress- it was wonderful to notice that John just didn't want to take his eyes off this beautiful girl as her world was spinning around his heart.  
John & Jennifer, it's been so great to get to know you both and now have you in my world. You two are just pure sunshine. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek; this is actually the biggest blog post I've ever done. Love to you both, and see you when you return!! xoxo, Trish

Forget the cake shot! I'm going with the selfie stick!

After the wedding, we all hopped on a giant party bus and surprised their friends with a Vegas style, Elvis Wedding!! It was awesome! And everyone was so psyched!

Rj & Danielle, Married at Hilton Lake Las Vegas!

Tue. Oct 21. 2014Rj & Danielle, Married at Hilton Lake Las Vegas!

Last Sunday, we spent a gorgeous afternoon and evening with RJ and Danielle at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas for their wedding day. Could these two have been any more fun? They were an awesome couple with a wonderful family and friends who shared in an amazing day as they became husband and wife.  
The day was a bit windy on the bridge, but luckily Danielle captured that beauty wind that picks up your hair to make you look even more amazing! And they were completely absorbed in each other....which we love to see because you can tell they have a really great thing together. You could see it in the way they looked at each other and they way they loved each other.  
Danielle & RJ, there are tons more photos coming your way! We hope you had an amazing trip to Vegas and hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek!! Much love, Trish & Jared

A little first sighting on the bridge....

Our favorite part of the evening; the toast. RJ could not stop was more like a roast!

An Epic Cake Smash!

Cynthia & John and Their Vegas Wedding!

Sun. Sep 14. 2014Cynthia & John and Their Vegas Wedding!

Last Saturday I photographed the sweetest two people on earth--Cynthia & John. Although this was our first time meeting, they automatically made me feel like family. And you could see from all the love that surrounded them, that this was just the kind of people they are. These amazing folks from Canada were so much fun and had so much love for each other, it was a complete joy to document their wedding day.  
They travelled from far away to have their dream Vegas wedding and I think they did just that:).  
Cynthia & John, you two are just like sunshine!! I know you're going to spend the rest of your lives together completely happy and in love, which is absolutely wonderful! Hope the honeymoon was amazing and thank you for including me in your big day!! Tons more photos coming your way! Enjoy the sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish

Kathy & Mike, In Love & Married at The Four Seasons!

Fri. Jul 4. 2014Kathy & Mike, In Love & Married at The Four Seasons!

Last Friday was nothing but fun spending the day with Kathy & Mike as they celebrated their wedding at the Four Seasons Las Vegas. These two are just wonderful people and so are all of their friends and family. You could literally just feel the love everywhere around them as they said their "I dos".  
Kathy was just a complete ray of sunshine as was Mike; was just really great to spend the day with them documenting one of the biggest events of their lives after getting to know them just a little bit from far away before the wedding.  
Kathy & Mike, thank you for sharing your big day with me and for being so welcoming; hope you enjoy your sneak peek; lots more coming your way very soon!! Much love, Trish

Pretty sure this photo with the "Rabbi" says it all....doesn't it?:)

All smiles for these two...:)

Probably one of the funniest toasts I've heard in a long time!

A little surprise groom's cake for Mike to wrap up the night!!

Gary & Ally, Married at Red Rock Resort!

Fri. May 30. 2014Gary & Ally, Married at Red Rock Resort!

Had a great Memorial day weekend and kicked it off with the wedding of Gary & Ally held at the incredible Red Rock Resort & Casino. It was a gorgeous Friday spent with the bride & groom's closest family and friends.  
Gary fell in love with the gorgeous aussie shortly after they met at a Starbucks...and it was more than obvious to us that he is completely smitten with her beauty and incredible smile. Ally was absolutely stunning and the event was just wonderful.  
Ally & Gary, we hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek of your photos! We wish you both all the happiness in the world and all the love you can hold in your hearts:) xoxo, Trish & Jared

The bride's father singing a beautiful tribute to his daughter

They ended the night with a wonderful performance by different band members including the original Beach Boys! And the bride's dad even jumped in on the set!

Geni & Chad, Married at the Revere Golf Club!

Fri. May 16. 2014Geni & Chad, Married at the Revere Golf Club!

We spent Saturday with a beautiful, wonderful couple, Geni & Chad who were joined by their family and friends as they celebrated their wedding day!  
WE LOVE THIS FAMILY!! We've had such a wonderful time getting to know this entire family, they are like family to us. We've photographed their weddings & families, so when Geni asked us to shoot her wedding we were very excited! forward to that Saturday....when we saw the insanely high winds coming, we decided to pull out all the stops and do our best to still make it an awesome wedding day for photos. And these guys were troopers!! IT WAS INSANELY WINDY! But, they still all had smiles and were all having a wonderful time celebrating Geni & Chad's big day!  
Geni & Chad, thank you for having us at your wedding. You two are going to have an amazing future together. And we also wanted to mention that Geni was STUNNING on her wedding day.!!! So, hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker and sending you both all the love you can hold in your hearts! xoxo, Trish & Jared

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