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Fri. Nov 2. 2007FAQ

Will you both be photographing our wedding?  
Yes, we always shoot weddings together, this not only gives you two different perspectives of your special day, but it also allows us to find ourselves in two places at once. In prewedding photos, typically Trish will go with the bride and Jared will go with the groom and we will meet back up again for the ceremony and reception. Usually, we don't have assistants or second shooters, but from time to time we may bring extra help to assist with lighting and various things throughout the day. However, if we do bring an assistant will always notify you prior to the wedding so you are aware of the extra person.  
Were you photographers before you started shooting weddings?  
Yes we were. We both came to wedding photography from different photography backgrounds which has contributed greatly to our jaw dropping style. Trish's background is in marketing and advertising where as Jared's background is in commercial and editioral photography. We are still very active in these different realms of photography and often times shoot for major magazines and commerical clients.  
Do you use digital equipment?  
At this time, we are about 98% digital. We say 98% because from time to time we might bust out our poloroid or shoot some medium format film. We love digital, especially now that the equipment is so advanced. But what's even better about it is the freedom it brings to photography. We also do our best to keep the learning process going; we are both members of NAPP (National Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals) and we attend yearly seminars learning the latest and greatest techniques in digital photography.  
Do you shoot in color and black and white?  
We always shoot everything in color and afterwards flip selected images into black and white, sepia and or our signature tones. As we edit thousands of images a week, we find that in the editing process our expertise in determining which images are best processed in black and white, sepia, color or our signature tones, makes selecting images much easier for our clients. In the final selection of photos posted to your personal website, you'll notice we provide a variety of images in various tones depending on the mode and feel of the photograph. We're here to share our expertise with you in everything we do from shooting photos to processing photos with the best look possible.  
Will my wedding be the only wedding on my wedding day?  
Yes, our focus is the couple we are shooting-we never book two weddings in a day as we don't want to be distracted. We also want to offer our clients the the freedom of time should they need us to show up earlier or stay later.  
Will you bring backup equipment to our wedding?  
Of course, we both carry a two camera bodies with us at all times with additional backups in the car.  
How long before our wedding should we schedule our engagement session?  
It really depends on what you plan to do with the images we capture; guest books require about three months lead time and Signature boards can be completed as late as a week before your wedding. If you'd like to use a high resolution image for your invitation, please request the image no later than 4-5 months prior to your wedding.  
How long do engagement sessions last?  
The session lasts between one and two hours, however is completely dependent upon location and chemistry.  
How many changes of clothing do your suggest for engagement sessions?  
We ask that you bring at least two changes of clothing, something a bit more dressy and something fun and casual like jeans and a cool shirt.  
When are bridal sessions done?  
These one of a kind sessions are done after the wedding anywhere from one day, one week to a month or so afterwards depending upon your schedule. These sessions are not offered on the actual wedding day as we like to have the time and freedom to create something really magical.  
How long do bridal sessions last?  
It really depends on location, our bridal sessions are truly one of a kind and many things are taken in to consideration. We often shoot with studio lighting on location, and shoot in various locations that may require some travel and set-up time.  
Will the bridal session pictures be in the album?  
Yes, yes and oh yes! Our bridal sessions allow us to create images that are not possible on the wedding day and of course they will be in the album, if you choose them!  
Do you retouch our photographs?  
Yes, for any printed prints or photos selected for your album, we do retouch the images. However, if you are purchasing digital negatives in high resolution, we do not retouch all of the images on the disk. As there are typically about 1200 images on disk (for example in a 6 hour wedding) we do not retouch all 1200 images. As these are digital negatives, they are by definition an image right off the camera so they are not retouched.  
If you have any other questions at all about how we do what we do, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always more than happy to explain our policies if it will make you feel more comfy with us or our style of photography.  
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